Partisanship is vile. What loss to this country…

Seriously. I see Republicans railing on Democrats and Democrats railing
on Republicans. The fighting and partisanship is completely at odds with
what our forefathers intended. Benjamin Franklin must be turning in his
grave at the extreme partisanship that many Americans today profess.

I do not belong to a political party. Neither should you. This is not
because I am Right and you are Wrong; rather, it is a simple matter of
reason. Political parties inherently divide people into differing camps
of rhetoric. This is self-evident. Also self-evident is that rhetoric
snuffs out free thought and discussion.

For this reason, every time I see someone who proudly declares that they
belong to one party or other, I will shake my head sadly at the sorrow
state of our once great nation. Powerful we have become, but divisive
and hostile. So sad, and so unnecessary.

Here are a few action items for you to help improve the political
climate of our country:

  • Print and distribute flyers promoting nonpartisan discussion of an
    issue important to you.
  • Start a discussion club at your local coffee house.
  • Unregister yourself as a member of the political party you presently
    belong to.
  • Pick one hot issue and start a blog about it. Discuss all possible
    repercussions it could have.
  • Invite your family and friends to switch parties for a single month
    and give themselves wholeheartedly to the opposing lines of thought.
    Don’t vote during this experiment though!
  • Read one of Benjamin Franklin’s works. There are many, and your
    local library will have at least one.
  • Start a newsletter for your town that promotes nonpartisan
    exploration of issues.