Minstrels in green linen

My guild, the irreproachable Crescent Order, has seen fit to grace me
with a full outfit of custom-crafted light armor and a new cloak. All of
it is a verdant hue, with intricate patterns weaved into the cloak. My
armor score shot up something like 50 points, heh.

I didn’t get around to composing music as I thought I would. I got
distracted by SOE reenabling my Star Wars Galaxies account for a trial
week. My greatest accomplishment in either game, though, was reaching 13
with Ceolrigan. I didn’t spend a lot of time in-game.

That said, a quest that was giving me a lot of trouble – defending a
hobbit by name of Constable Bolger from waves of attacking bandits – was
finally completed last night. Just as I was about to be defeated again
by the bandits, a level 28 guardian came by and killed all of them for
me. It was a happy moment, heh. He disappeared before I could thank him