The Imperial March

I resubbed to Star Wars Galaxies despite discovering the announcement
that no further expansions will be produced for it, and despite the
gnawing suspicion I have that Bioware and LucasArts are producing a

The reason is the Imperial Army.

This player association has made its home on Chilastra for as long as
SWG has existed. They’re a great group of people, and I first joined up
with them in 2004. I’ve been forced to take extended hiatuses from SWG
for various reasons, but I was always welcomed back into the fold
whenever I returned.

I keep coming back to SWG because of the community. It’s a dedicated
group of honest, hardworking, and genuinely fun people….and not just
the IA, though they’re obviously at the top of the heap.

So then, I’m back. And now, my plans for the future.

Major Goal #1: Hit CL90 with Scin. I’m halfway to 88 right now,
which is a major milestone. I’ll finally be able to wield the lava
cannon and hence become roughly on par with the 90-level PvPers. Up to
now, I’ve been relegated mostly to lighting people on fire in PvP and
hoping someone else finishes them off before they get me. Hitting CL90
will be the final culmination of a very long and occasionally tedious
journey with Scin. Whether I stay Commando or not will depend on how
much fun I have as a CL90.

Major Goal #2: Acquire a Vigo. The privateer gunship is a very
cool-looking boat from the outside, and as a master pilot, it’s both a
duty and a desire to acquire the most powerful weapon in the privateer
arsenal. I intend to make my Vigo into one of the “main characters” in
Scin’s backstory, and appropriately deck it out with Imperial
decorations. Though I’m a privateer, I still need and want to show
solidarity with the Empire.

Major Goal #3: Establish Scin as a core part of the newly organized
space wing of the Imperial Army. It’s time to really build the space
wing, especially since it is so new, and if I can drive increasingly
better performance in space battles I will consider this goal met. It’s
a tall order, though, as reliant on teamwork as it is. Since Scin is a
privateer, he will only be able to act as a crewman on gunships or
Decimators in PvP.

Minor Goal #1: Finish the Rare Weapons Collections. I’m intrigued
by them after finding one of the rifle parts behind the Storm Lord’s
throne. I want to acquire these badges and see what comes of it.

Minor Goal #2: Turn Fuura Hengwen into what Scin used to be – a
one-man starship engineering company. Though I don’t relish the idea of
factory-style production, artisan-style might suit me better. It has in
the past.