Age of Conan

So I purchased Age of Conan, despite the numerous reviews saying that
the game is heavily broken.

So far, it’s not bad. I haven’t reached the magical level 20 yet,
where according to reviews all content dries up and disappears. I hear
that crafting is completely broken and unusable. However, for the time
being, I’m enjoying beating the snot out of lots of things…and I
especially like switching between solo-instance and multiplayer-open
areas. I look forward to the PvP.

I’m also subscribed now to EverQuest II. EQ2 ran a promotion where I
was given two months access to the game, with a trial of all released
expansions and adventure packs to date. The kicker, and what made me
subscribe again, is that I get to KEEP all those things if I subscribed
within the trial period. I’ll maintain my subscription for awhile and
probably cancel it later, but at least I’ll have gotten all that extra
content…for only the price of a single month’s subscription.

In Star Wars Galaxies, the Fifth Anniversary event is going on. I
acquired the items, but I’m slightly irritated at the way the badge and
title for the event are being handed out. Only 24 players – one for
every hour – each day are given the Hero of Empire Day reward, and the
event only lasts until July 22nd, so a large majority of players will
never receive it despite trying for it. I suppose this gives some value
to the reward, then, for being scarce. I think a quest would have been a
better dispersal mechanism, though.