Rediscovering Guild Wars

Years ago, my wife and I picked up Guild Wars on a whim. We played a
little bit, maybe a few hours, over the course of a week… and then
abandoned it to return to World of Warcraft or Everquest II or something
along those lines.

With all the fervor surrounding Guild Wars 2, and my reignited interest
in that game, I decided to reinstall my copy of Guild Wars and see what
I had missed.

And, with all honesty, I can’t believe I didn’t buy heavily into this
in the first place.

I have two characters I’m switching between at the moment – a
Necromancer/Ranger, and a Warrior who I’ll probably mix with a Mesmer
or Ranger. The way the game mixes classes and skills, and enables you to
further mix that up by choosing your set of active skills whenever
you’re in town.

I have not yet had a chance to get deep into the lore, but I recognized
the attacking Charr immediately in the initial cutscene for Guild Wars.
I’m greatly looking forward to exploring the original game before being
able to afford jumping into its sequel. While usually I go for sandbox
MMORPGs, I think in this case I’m most interested in exploring the
character-centric nature of GW2, and in Guild Wars 1 by going through
the many available stories.

I would love to find a group of folks to game with, if any of you
reading this play Guild Wars!