Reawakening the Starborn

About a year and a half ago, I started a project to create a sci-fantasy
sandbox MMORPG. It was called Starborn: Universe. I went through the
trouble of getting a HeroEngine/HeroCloud environment and began learning the toolset. Design documents popped up in my Documents folder and on the dev blog I started for the project. Then, I got busy with other
things, and Starborn: Universe went dark.

Until now.

I’m dusting off the design documents, but Starborn: Universe is as much
of an experiment as it is a game. See, my theory is that online
player-driven games can start with very little and grow over time. The
idea of the “Lean Startup” can apply just as much to an MMORPG as it
can to an iOS app.

The trick is that MMORPGs are hard to produce. They have a lot of moving
parts and require a lot of resources on the part of the developer and
operator. So how does one or two people accomplish this monumental feat?

By starting small, and iterating quickly.

If you’re curious as to what I have in mind, head over to the
Starborn: Universe devlog.
That’s where I’ll be writing about Starborn.